We all know that the greatest wealth is our health. Most of us strive hard to stay healthy & fit. But sometimes even after diligently following diets & consuming all essential nutrients, we fall short of some vitamins which may lead to deficiencies. One such important ingredient that women need most in their diet is Vitamin E.

In this blog post, we are going to particularly emphasise on the health benefits of Vitamin E in our diet. As we need oxygen continuously for our body, similar way we need Vitamin E. It is very good for the eyes, helps in strengthening our muscles, acts as a moisturiser, stimulates hair growth etc. While there are many products and capsules available in the market, TBC shares a few ingredients through which you can include vitamin E in your daily diet:

• Banana, apples, oranges, celery, potato, brown rice, carrot, tomato, pine nut & avocado


While including the above items in your diet will keep you healthy. Here are a few tips you can do for hair & skin using vitamin E:

• Vitamin E Face Pack: Make a paste of almond, milk cream and rose petals and apply to your skin daily, and see the way your skin glows. This paste is high on Vitamin E. it helps is reducing the wrinkles

• Vitamin E Hair Oil: Add equal proportion of almond oil and coconut oil and few drops of castor oil. And apply at least twice a week 30 mins before hairwash. If making oil at home is too tedious for you, then buy “Evion Capsules 400 mg” from any pharmacy. These are vitamin E capsules for stimulating hair growth

• Vitamin E Skin Creams: Body Shop has a whole range of Vitamin E creams & lotions to suit your need. We are big fans of their Nourishing night cream which is suitable for all skin types

• Vitamin E Body Oil:  Body oils are a good source for nourishing your skin. It also helps in reducing stretch marks post pregnancy. Some of our favourites include Bio Oil, Palmers Cocoa Butter Oil & Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Body Oil


With this we end this article. We hope you enjoyed reading and found it informative. Please share feedback in the comments section.

Stay Blushed!! XOXO