Do you reckon with words like “hair fall, slow growth, brittle hair“? Is your life revolving around split ends and dandruff? If so then you are at the right place! We all stress about our hair and desire shiny locks like Jennifer Aniston. However, given the stressful and busy lives we lead today it’s no easy task to maintain it. Moreover, environment and pollution are not your hair’s best friend! So today, I am here to help you with some everyday solutions that you can add in your routine to maintain your lovely hair!

Following tips are simple that will make a difference if you follow it regularly and apply it to your daily routine:

  • A clean scalp is the first step in reaching the goal of healthy hair. Shampoo your hair at least thrice a week to keep the scalp clean. If you have extremely oily scalp like me, then washing everyday is essential. Look for shampoos and conditioners which are “Paraben free” as they aim to protect your hair and can be used everyday. You can use any shampoo but I recommend the new Moroccan Oil Hair Range. It’s rich and creamy that will thoroughly nourish your hair! Slightly on the expensive side, but will last you long.
Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Hot oil massage either at home or salon is the best way to de-stress at any given time. It helps in strengthening your roots and provides nourishment. Classic coconut oil or almond oil are best suited for Indian hair. You can add a capsule of vitamin e to your oil to gain more benefits
Hair Oil

Hair oil for massage

  • Include “amla” in your diet. Indian gooseberry is the best gift from nature to keep hair shiny and in controlling grey hair. The best way
    to include in your diet is to crush amla and mix it with lemon juice. It’s a slow and natural to increase growth and controlling grey hair


  • Indulge in monthly hair spa’s as it helps in regaining the lustre and improves hair quality. You can even do hair spa at home if you don’t wish to spend your bucks at a salon. The best home made hair spa that works for me is a concoction of eggs + curd + olive oil. First steam your hair with a hot towel then apply this paste and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and see the difference
Hair Mask

Moisturising Hair Mask

  • Finally, Sunshine is your bae! Yes, you read that right. Wash your hair early morning and instead of using dryers, let your hair dry under the sun. Now I’m not saying that you should just get ready and leave your home. But you need to soak in the Vitamin D from the early morning sun and let nature do its magic! 

    Soaking in the sun

    Sunshine is bae!





Hope you enjoyed the article. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay Blushed! xoxo