Isn’t it wonderful when you have family & friends living overseas who pamper you with wonderful gifts when they visit during holidays! So when my brother asked what I want, i straight away logged on to & ordered these Ted Baker goodies that I recently received when my brother arrived from Scotland.

Now after using for more that two weeks, I am ready to share my experience.

Ted Baker Body Lotion:

2The body lotion comes in a beautiful pink floral tube. The flowery lotion is made of soft notes of jasmine and neroli. It has a beautiful musky fragrance infused with patchouli and sandalwood. The pink lotion is light & easily absorbed by the skin. For dry Mumbai winters, I must add that the lotion could have been a bit more moisturising. But overall, a good product that does not leave your skin greasy especially if you need to head out for the day.

4 Ted Baker Body Soufflé:

5Now this is an “OMG” product. A luxuriously creamy product that comes in a beautiful pink tub. It has the same notes as the body lotion, but being a “soufflé”, its more fluffy & soft. I use this everyday after bathing, it’s fresh floral scent leaves the skin feeling refreshed. It takes a while for the skin to absorb it, but it doesn’t feel greasy. After several weeks of usage, I can feel my skin feel oh-so-soft!

8If you compare the two body products, I would highly recommend using the Souflle. It’s totally worth it & I can assure you the results will blow your mind. Unfortunately, Ted Baker Skin care is not easily available in India. I have seen a few products on, if you want to try. I ordered this from for £10 (~850 Rupees), and if you have someone travelling then I recommend you ask them to get this for you.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed reviewing.

Keep sharing the love ladies! Stay Blushed! XOXO