“Slay Girl Slay!!”

We all want our makeup to last through the day, in fact wouldn’t it be awesome if there was no need for touch up! Well, a part of the wish has been granted by the world of beauty. All we need is the oh-so-cool Setting Spray!!

But let’s understand why is it so important to use a makeup setting spray?

When we visit salons for hair styling, have you noticed the stylist using a hair spray? What is the purpose? It’s simple, it’s that finishing touch that gives your style a long lasting effect. There are plenty of amazing hair sprays that can be used at home & some of you reading this must be using it already. Similarly, for nails we apply a base coat & top coat for longevity.

Coming back to makeup, it’s essential to invest in a good primer that is used as base and finish off your look with a setting spray. One such cool product that’s up for review today is NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray!

Product Description: A light-weight, water based spray that keeps your makeup looking dewy through any kind of weather.

Application: Hold the bottle 10-12 inches away and spray evenly. Wait for 10-15 seconds and then open your eyes.

Price: RS.875/-

Verdict: It comes in a easy to use bottle spray bottle that is travel friendly. The fragrance is not noticeable which is great as you don’t want to use a strong smelling spray on your face.

On application, you will notice how quickly it dries up making your skin feel tight. It gives the desired dewy result and works great on liquid or powder base both, however the effect still needs to be more intense.

In terms of longevity, make up base and eye makeup lasts longer than usual. However, not the case with lipstick, touch up will be needed.

Overall, it’s a good product with value for money when compared with other products in the market. If you have never tried a setting spray we definitely recommend this one. If you don’t prefer dewy finish, NYX also has the same spray in Matte effect which you can try.

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