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In the hot city of Mumbai, skin tanning is inevitable. It’s not just essential that we protect our skin from sun exposure but tanning or skin darkening can be caused sitting at home & in any season. We are exposed to radiation through our phones, lights, microwaves et cetera all through the day that contribute to tanning without sun exposure. While dermatologists recommend to apply sun screen everyday, it is also important to add a few additional steps in our skin care routine to get rid of that nasty tan!

So what would that be?

Recently, we discovered 3 in 1 De-tan cleanser-exfoliator-mask from Inatur Herbals & it is spectacular! Inatur (ee-na-toor; the correct pronunciation, its not i-nature) was launched by renowned cosmetologist  Pooja Namdev who believes that nature has many more treasures than what we have known. This theory inspires her to innovative effective herbal skin care. Inatur comprises of natural skin care, hair care and personal care products.

About the product:
Inatur 3 in 1 detan is fruit base and has the extracts of apple, papaya, cucumber, peach & strawberry that help in nourishing & hydrating the skin. It also consists of calamine powder which is a very mild ingredient that helps in reducing redness.

Packaging: It’s comes in a simple transparent tub which is easy to use. Once you open the lid, inside there is a second flat lid to protect the contents. It’s convenient but could have been more attractive.

Texture & Fragrance: Extremely thick and creamy with tiny exfoliating beads that are not at all harsh on the skin. It rather blends away perfectly. Fragrance wise, it is on the stronger side but pleasant, one can definitely smell fruits especially apples.


As its a 3 in 1 product it can be used in the following ways:

• Cleanser: Apply on wet face, massage in circular motion & rinse

• Exfoliate: Apply and massage in circular motion on face & neck for 2 minutes, rinse with plain water

• Mask: Apply a thick layer on face, leave for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water

Experience: With so many fruit ingredients, expectations were high & it didn’t disappoint. As there are 3 ways to use it, we recommend cleansing & exfoliating to be combined for better results. Once you wash your face, your skin will feel nourished, fresh and it will slightly brighten up.

For the mask, you need to apply a thick layer but don’t expect it to dry out completely, this will stay creamy and wet all through. However, it might make your skin feel dry as you’re using more product. Inatur De-tan works best as a cleanser which with frequent usage gives desired results and you will end up having glowing skin.

Overall, for Rs.450/- Inatur De-tan is an affordable product that cleanses, nourishes and fades away the tan within 3-4 applications. It’s a good product that works for combination to oily skin. But we feel the brand should consider reworking on the packaging and make it more alluring and appealing for consumers.

Rating: 4/5

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