Your skin and body is the mirror of what you eat and what you eat determines the kind of skin & body you may end up having. It is very imperative that you eat a very well balanced diet to keep you fit, healthy, active with a beautiful skin.


TBC shares a few tips on what to eat to have a healthy body & skin

• Eat lots of fruits & vegetables: Our parents are always right when it comes to eating fruits & vegetables. Start your day with a healthy bowl of mixed fruits like apple, berries, bananas, papaya or any of your favourites. Nature has provided us plenty of fruits to choose from. When it comes to vegetables, including green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, peas, lettuce are very important for maintaining healthy skin. You can have these veggies as a part of your meals or even make salads, its your choice. But a bowl of fruits in the morning and veggies in the evening are essential for a healthy lifestyle

• Sea Food: If you are a non vegetarian, include fish and prawns over red meat at least 2-3 times in a week , it contains omega 3 fats which is very good for healthy heart and equally good for skin & hair. Salmon fish is the most nutritious fish one can include in their diet.

• Reduce Salt intake: As much as we love salt in our food, we need to know that too much of it can cause serious issues in our body in the long run. Salt in home cooked food as essential and good for health. But there is hidden salt in processed food items, pickles, papads, packaged sea food, cheese, butter etc so try and avoid these as much as you can.  Be very care careful as excess salt can damage bones, increase blood pressure and kidneys related problems, and robs natural glow of skin.

• Saturated Fat/Sugar: Enemy of healthy skin & body, causes obesity leading to heart disease and increase in cholesterol and lead to dull skin. So give those biscotti, canned juices, pasties a miss and switch to healthy juices and fresh fruits

• Increase in physical activity: Physical activity besides your routine work can improve blood circulation , help in reducing / maintaining weight and it also gives a natural glow to skin. Just 40 mins of any form of exercise – Gym, yoga, swimming, jogging will make a huge difference.

• Water: We all know the importance of water. We learnt in school that our body is 70% made up of water. But due to our busy life, we sometimes forget to drink appropriate amount of water. Make water your best friend for a fit & healthy you. Keep a timer on your phone to remind you to drink every hour. If you don’t like plain water, then take a mason jar and add sliced apples/strawberries/sweetlime (any fruit of your choice), lemon zest and mint to make flavoured water. This recipe also helps in detoxification. You can refill it upto 3 to 4 times. Now this way, boring taste is replaced and you stay hydrated.Remember girls, these are some simple tweaks we need to make in our daily stressful life. A little determination and motivation is the key to be fit :)Stay Blushed! XOXO