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Today, we are going to share our review on an exciting new brand called Freshistry!

What is Freshistry?

Freshistry – A brand that has pioneered the concept of brewing fresh skin and hair care products! The idea behind this is to offer customised products for which you can choose the ingredients from scratch! Their range consists of creams, lotions, hair & face cleanser with ingredients ranging from sage, tea tree, aloe vera, basil, rosemary, lavender etc. So, its a given that all ingredients are natural & organic!

It’s exciting to see the uniqueness & experimental ways in which people are coming with ideas such as this. In today’s world, where it’s all about customising, having cosmetics that you can select right from ingredients to fragrance to color is splendid. Now let’s look at the fresh skin care that we got our hand’s on:

Going by the choices available, TBC decide to try the Face cleaner & below is the selection:

•Product: Freshistry Face Cleanser

•Skin Type: Normal

•Base: Gel base

•Herb: Aloe Vera

•Herb Potion: Rosemary

•Tinge: Rose Red

•Fragrance: Happy Happy 

•Price: Rs.395/-

•Shelf Life: 6 months

If all the customisation isn’t enough, there is one more surprise element – you get to name your product!!

How was the experience?

Packaging: The products comes in a cute satin black Fresishtry branded pouch. The main cleanser comes in an ice-cream tub as you can see in the pic. Along with it was a bottle of fresh potion. All this was accompanied with a sweet personalised note from the team 



Texture: The cleanser has a liquid gel consistency, whereas the potion is completely like water. It all natural & in its purest form hence can cause a skin reaction; which is mentioned on the label.


Usage: Mix the potion & the cleanser together and lather it up. Apply on face & wash off with water.

Verdict: With the rising temperatures & humidity in Mumbai, skin tends to become oily and greasy by the end of the day. It is essential to use a good face wash once your home.  After using twice a day for three weeks, can safely say it’s a excellent cleanser that makes the skin soft and fresh. It clears the skin off all the oil & grime cause due to pollution. A lot of face washes make the skin feel stretched & dry. But Freshistry cleanser will make your skin extremely supple! It  also gives an instant glow and the fragrance is so fresh that it instantly lifts the mood.

The only drawback is, for a face cleanser which has a liquid consistency, the packaging should have been different. A bottle with a pump will be much better as the tub leads to wastage of product. Yes, the tub is cute but not convenient 

Overall, a fantastic concept with amazing product that live upto the expectation. The brand is here to stay. Can’t wait to indulge in the face creams & hair products.

Rating: 4/5

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