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It’s exciting to know how soaps have made a grand comeback. There was a time when bathing was mundane and in India we had limited options of soaps to choose from until a big change came with body washes. Now again, it’s time to go back to basics but with a twist. Let’s introduce Cosmetic Junction, a brand that has re-launched soap bars that are Paraben free, SLS free, vegan, free of detergents and of course “handmade”.

Cosmetic Junction was launched in September 2015 with a vision to redefine the concept of cosmetics by disassociating toxic chemicals from it and making it plant powered. So if you want to detox your skin the right way, CJ is your stop!

TBC received a beauty package from Jas Naturals which had two soaps from Cosmetic Junction, so let’s get on with the verdict:

1 Frangipani & Shea:
Frangipani fragrance oil, virgin castor & coconut oil, Shea

2 Price: Rs.200/-

3 Experience: We all know the sacred “Tree of Life” flower has some magnificient benefits for skin and is also aphrodisiac, couple it with Shea and you get a beautiful scented soap. The fragrance is not overpowering and has a flowery aroma even though CJ claims it to be strong scented.

4On using, you will notice it doesn’t lather much which could be slightly disappointing if you are fond of bubbly baths like us. However, let’s not forget, as these soaps are natural & away

from chemicals, lack of lather is a good sign. In terms of texture, the presence of essential oils makes the soap greasy & slippery. Yet upon usage, it won’t melt or become soggy making it last long. The mild soap makes the skin feel quite refreshing after bath, but it also made it a tad dry so don’t forget to apply body lotion/moisturiser.

Grapefruit Magic Shea:

7 Ingredients: Grapefruit essential oil, virgin castor & coconut oil, shea

8 Price: Rs.185/-

9 Experience: Pink soaps are the love!! Grapefruit is a subtropical fruit that is rich in antioxidants  & helps in producing collagen. As a soap combined with shea this one is definitely better. It has a very mild fruity-flowery fragrance. The texture is soft yet sturdy, the grooves give a good grip and it doesn’t slip. The soap is long lasting like its counterpart mentioned above. Again, it won’t lather a lot but makes the skin soft & supple.

10 Grapefruit Magic Shea Soap Bar

Overall, Cosmetic Junction has curated a very impressive range of soaps that are chemical & cruelty free. We definitely would like to try a few more from the range. However for the price the size of the soap seems small, it should be more chunky. Shelf life makes us happy, but fragrance has scope of improvement as it doesn’t last for long after bath. These are not the best soaps, but being chemical free and handmade we will definitely go back and pick up a few more!

Rating: 3.5/5

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