Body scrubs are a great way to indulge in an at home spa. Whether store bought or home made they help in exfoliating the skin by removal of dead cells making it appear youthful. It also makes the absorption of a moisturiser easier and faster.

One such body scrub that we are fond of is Boots Mango Jam Body Scrub – a fabulously exfoliating scrub that leaves skin soft & smelling sweet. Read below to know more.


Boots Mango Jam Body Scrub

Boots Mango Jam scrub completely lives upto its name, it has a thick jam-like texture with its sugar granules being fine and coarse. The appearance makes you might feel like tasting it, but don’t! It’s also mentioned on the label – THIS IS NOT A FOOD! haha 

In regards to fragrance, it has a sweet fruity fragrance that leans towards orange and not mango. But it’s pleasant and refreshing.


Jam texture

As you massage the scrub, you will notice the sugar granules melt and are absorbed by your skin leaving a layer of oily residue. This makes this product ideal for normal to dry skin. Ensure to exfoliate thoroughly and gently in circular motion for the product to completely show its effects.

Post shower, your skin will feel smooth and rejuvenated. However, the scrub is not very moisturising like other scrubs in the market, hence in terms of softening the skin there is not a noticeable effect. The scent of the scrub will also fade away after sometime. But anyway, you will need to apply a moisturiser/body lotion post any scrub routine.


Overall, the scrub is a good treat to the body. We’d rate is 3.8/5. Give it a shot!

Stay Blushed! xoxo