“BAD HAIR DAY? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

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Hair care is important and finding the right product can be challenging especially when there are so many options available. So today, we are talking about Bed Head TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream and Ego Boost leave-in conditioner; two awesome must-have hair products that will rescue you from a bad hair day!

Bed Head TIGI Hair Care

Bed Head TIGI

If you are looking for a solution for frizz-free hair then this is for you. Pocket friendly and effective, these two products if used as a combo will smoothen and help in controlling frizz.

Now let’s see how to you use it?

Step 1: Begin with washing your hair with your favourite shampoo and conditioner
Step 2: Towel dry and on your damp hair apply a small amount of TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost and use a dryer to blast dry. This product works great on split ends and makes your hair soft and bouncy

Bed Head Ego Boost Serum

Bed Head Ego Boost Leave in conditioner – Hair care

Step 3: After blast dry, take a pea size portion of TIGI After Party leave-in conditioner on your palms and smooth on to your hair especially on the ends to get the desired shine

Bed Head TIGI Serum

Bed Head TIGI After Party Leave-in Conditioner 

Now your ready to walk out of the house stress free and see how beautiful and confident your hair makes you look. Bed Head range is available at all Juice Salon in India and we recommend to buy it from salons only for authenticity.

TIGI Ego Boost: Rs.850/-

TIGI After Party: Rs.1000/-

Rating: 4/5

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