It takes just three ingredients to help you burn away extra flab. Fat–burning drinks are real. The green smoothie is everything you need blended to perfection to help you on your quest for Katrina Kaif style abs. By alkalising your system, these fat–burning drinks are a healthy alternative to all the other junk you put into your system. Get the right combo and they can be pretty tasty too, while curbing your sugar cravings.

Designed for convenience with just three ingredients each, our list is really making the most of those leafy veggies. If you can’t eat ’em, juice ’em:

1 The Detox
As the name suggests, this drink will help in removing toxins from the body while promoting weight loss and boosting energy.

2250 ml coconut water

31 mango, diced

41 cup fresh spinach

5 Method: Blend all ingredients until smooth in a blender. Pour in a tall glass (although we love mason jars for smoothies). Garnish with a slice of mango.

6 The Pre-workout
Get a boost of energy before workout with this delicious smoothie. Have it at least 40 mins before you begin your workout.Ingredients

71 banana

81/3 cup rolled oats

92 cups fresh spinach

10 Method
Blend ingredients with one cup of cold, filtered water. Try adding cinnamon for sweetness, it’s also a great boost for your metabolism.pastedGraphic.png

11 The Piña Colada
Coconut milk is a rich source of iron and calcium. It’s lactose free, hence good for people with lactose intolerance.

12 Ingredients

131 cup unsweetened coconut milk

142 cups spinach

152 cups diced pineapple

16 Method

17Blend ingredients until smooth. Tastes like a vacation, without the excess calories.

18 The Natural High
Almond milk is another high energy, high protein substitute for milk. Kickstart your day with this high on energy kale drink that will help you in burning that nasty fat.

19 Ingredients
250 ml unsweetened almond milk

201 banana

211 cup kale

22 Method
Blend ingredients with ¼ cup of ice until smooth. Garnish with mint leaves.pastedGraphic_1.png

23 The Energizer
1 cup coconut water

241 cup diced pineapple

251 cup diced cucumber

26 Method
Blend ingredients with ¼ cup ice. Add a lime along with its zest for a metabolic boost.  This one is also great if you want to kick your caffeine habit.

Hope you like our 5 delicious recipes. Try making these at home & click awesome pictures. Tag us on Instagram and we will repost the best one. If you have your own smoothie recipe, no problem! Share those too.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blushed! XOXO