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Organic skincare has received such a momentum in the beauty industry. It’s an instant attraction and you know your money is going to something worthwhile. On this note, let’s talk about Seer Secrets; the promising new brand that’s a breath of fresh air!

About the brand:

Seer secrets evolved around the notion of simple living & high thinking. Seer secrets brings you secrets from around the world but manufactured in India. The company aims to endeavour holistic wholesome wellness through secrets passed by ancient seers, hence the name “Seer Secrets”. Their products are natural, cruelty free, dermatalogically tested and free from sulphates & paraben.


The generous brand sent two products:-

Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquility Facial Mist

Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Deodorant cream

Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquility Facial Mist
Make facial mists your best friend as they help in accelerating hydration. Facial mists are extremely useful especially when your skin needs a last minute pep up. They add an instant glow on your face and make you feel refreshed.

Packaging: Seer Secret’s tranquility facial mist is a mild refreshing toner cum mist that comes in a cylindrical cardboard container secure with a lid. Inside you will find the mist in a simple spray bottle that is convenient to use & travel friendly. The best part is they also little note attached that describes the product in detail

Ingredients: It’s ingredients include hydrosols of Lavender, geranium, frankincense & silver along with glycerine, citric acid, vitamin B5 & aloe vera extract.

Fragrance: Given the list of ingredients, one would expect it to smell like lavender however surprisingly it smells more like rose water. Dunno why? 

Price: Rs.297/- (weird pricing, but it’s affordable so no complaints :P)

Experience: It’s cooling, refreshing and instantly brightens the face. It takes a minute or two for the mist to completely be absorbed by the skin, but once done it does it’s job!

Ideally toners should be used twice a day. However, in this case the mist is very mild and can be used several times through the day. Use it in your morning routine of cleansing, toning & moisturising. Then carry it to work, and just before that important meeting spray a little amount and see it make a difference to your skin. However, do not use this as a makeup setting spray. It takes time to absorb and doesn’t work on makeup. It’s pure a skin care product.

Overall rating: 4/5

Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Deodorant cream
A deodorant in the form of cream? Wow, that’s new!! The most common forms are sprays and roll-ons, so when you get a deodorant in the form of cream then undoubtedly it must be tried!

Packaging: Just like the mist this too came in the cylindrical cardboard container. Once you open the container, the cream is in a plastic transparent jar.


Ingredients: Aqua, Phenoxy ethanol, olive oil, zinc oxide, essential oils of lemon, cypress and Japanese mint. It also consists of cocoa butter, kaolin clay, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, real silver leaves  & limonene

Texture & fragrance : A milky white medium to thick consistency that blends easily. Scent wise, it is exactly like lemon grass mixed with mint so it’s quite strong

Price: Rs.324/-

Experience: To begin with the lemon grass scent is a bit too overpowering. However, the good point is it has an intense cooling effect for at least half an hour and it somehow helps in controlling odour. Perspiration is universal among us humans and unavoidable, but this deodorant cream definitely helped in controlling for upto 3-4 hours.

Normally, on application of spray deodorants there could be some skin darkening due to the chemicals, but in this case skin texture became much lighter. So yes, this product works and is unarguably worth every penny!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Finally, to conclude both products from Seer Secrets are commendable. You pay pittance in return for quality and quantity!

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