So.. do you loves sweets, but feel guilty upon indulging in the sinful pleasure of sugary delights? You want to diet, but cannot control that sweet urge! Even if you are a pro at dieting, lets face it, we all have those weak moments where it sometimes is impossible to resist that Oh-so-yummy chocolate covered strawberry cupcake…#Nomnom!!

What if we told you, we have found a healthy option to satisfy cravings without gaining weight and of course “the guilt“. Let’s introduce Amrita’s Healthy Treats & More – a baked goods delight for the health conscious with a sweet relish.


Amrita’s Healthy Treats

Amrita’s Healthy Treats is located in Santacruz (Mumbai), offering a delicious range of tea cakes, brownies, cookies, cake pops, granola cereal, granola bars & other dessert items. They are made with fresh and finest ingredients like whole wheat, rice flour, organic raw sugar, nachni flour, hand picked nuts & seeds and many more healthy ingredients. They also customise order for customers with special dietary needs such as diabetes & gluten free items.

The cookies and cakes have the right balance of health & deliciousness. So whether you are looking for the perfect birthday cake, or just wish to stock up the house with wholesome treats for the family, Amrita’s Healthy Treats & More is your answer.

Here’s what The Blush Cocktail got to try:

1 Quinoa Dark Chocolate Cake: Now this is what heaven tastes like & its gluten free!

2 Quinoa Dark Chocolate Cake

3 Carrot Cake: Carrots, cinnamon & the right amount of nuts in a cake. Just delicious!

4 Carrot Cake

5 Healthy Snack Bars: We need more of this in our life. In every bite you can taste the generous amount of nuts!

Cookies: These cookies will make you happy! Chocolate filled, made from oats & oh so light!

Granola Cereal: It’s simply berrylicious !!

Truly delectable and nutritious, Amrita’s Healthy treats is a perfect marriage between health and flavour. So all you Mumbai folks out there, check out her website and send your order now!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Do share your feedback in the comment section below!

Stay Blushed! xoxo