It is so exciting to buy a brand new makeup brush, but it is exactly the opposite when it comes to cleaning them. Getting that foundation stain off, is definitely a task! I have tried cleaning at home with just lukewarm water & shampoo, yet some residue always remains and moreover it’s a time consuming process.

There are plenty of silicone makeup cleaners offered by brands, but they can be heavy on the pocket. I recently came across a cute & compact makeup cleaner by Brush Egg on for just Rs.199/-. No wonder it is said that good things come in small packages!

As the name says, it’s an egg shaped silicone cleaner with two different surfaces. On top, it has tiny knobs that help in foaming while the grooves help in agitating the bristles thus breaking the bond of the product with the brush.

It’s easy to use and very effective for small & large brushes both. Just follow these few simple steps:

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add any mild shampoo

Now, dip your brush in this solution (Alternatively you can put shampoo directly on the cleaner)

Twirl your brush lightly on the top knobs of the cleaner to losen it up. Now slowly move towards to grooves and swipe the brush from left to right

Wash the brush & cleaner under running water to see the effect

If required, repeat the procedure till the brush is completely clean & rid of all the product

When it comes to drying, start off by gently squeezing out the excess water with a soft towel. Place the brushes on a flat surface and keep them on a tissue paper for quick drying.

Never, dry the brushes in a stand as the water enters the inside of the brush & will weaken the glue thus damaging it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and find it useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts & feedback in the comment section below.

Stay Blushed! XOXO