Nykaa So Matte!

The beauty world has been hit with a swarm of matte cosmetics. It’s the biggest trend and who are we to complain, we absolutely dig it. Any day, matte makes you look hot and brands have definitely upped the quality making shiny, soft and long lasting makeup products....

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Clean your makeup brush with Brush Egg

It is so exciting to buy a brand new makeup brush, but it is exactly the opposite when it comes to cleaning them. Getting that foundation stain off, is definitely a task! I have tried cleaning at home with just lukewarm water & shampoo, yet some residue always remains...

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Mikyajy 22k Long Wear Lipstick!

There’s no such thing as too many lipsticks!! And we couldn’t agree more! Right girls?  There’s no denying that a girl can never get bored of too many lipsticks and when we recently came across a popular Middle eastern cosmetic brand Mikyajy, we couldn’t resist. TBC...

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NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

“Slay Girl Slay!!” We all want our makeup to last through the day, in fact wouldn’t it be awesome if there was no need for touch up! Well, a part of the wish has been granted by the world of beauty. All we need is the oh-so-cool Setting Spray!! But let’s understand...

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DIY Facial Masks

Masks are one of the oldest methods used for skin care. Regular usage of masks help in circulation, removing tan and wrinkles. They brighten up the skin, make you glow and leave the skin smooth. Applying a mask helps in relaxing and de-stressing in today’s hectic...

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