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Benefits of Organic Honey

Organic has turned out to be one of the most used and also misunderstood tags of late, with most of us confusing organic with locally sourced produces. Well, organic isn’t just naturally farmed...

Healthy Eating for Healthy Life

Your skin and body is the mirror of what you eat and what you eat determines the kind of skin & body you may end up having. It is very imperative that you eat a very well balanced diet to keep you...

5 Fat Burning Smoothies

It takes just three ingredients to help you burn away extra flab. Fat–burning drinks are real. The green smoothie is everything you need blended to perfection to help you on your quest for Katrina...

Vitamin E for Skin & Hair!

We all know that the greatest wealth is our health. Most of us strive hard to stay healthy & fit. But sometimes even after diligently following diets & consuming all essential nutrients, we fall...


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